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Bug Sweeping

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Sophisticated covert listening, tracking and video devices are now so easily available to buy online that they pose a real threat to everyone. The Kent Investigator regularly finds these devices in homes and offices either fitted by partners who suspect cheating, employees who want to find out what their bosses are up to or competitors trying to discover sensitive company secrets.


These devices come in so many shapes and sizes often hidden inside or disguised as everyday house hold or office items. Many of these devices once installed need no charging or maintenance enabling them to remain functional and virtually undetectable for months or even years.

The Kent Investigator has invested heavily in counter surveillance and bug detection equipment insuring that when they say that a room or vehicle is bug free you can guarantee it is. There state of the art equipment detects all types of devices including trackers, listening devices and hidden cameras.


The Kent Investigator can conduct thorough bug detection sweeps anywhere from homes, offices, factories, vehicles and shops. There vast experience in this field is the reason so many large companies and private individuals instruct them to conduct sweeps on a regular basis. They offer their services on a one off basis or as a regular service agreement dependant on your requirements, these sweeps can also be carried out during the night or at weekends if required.


The Kent Investigator

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During the first call you make to The Kent Investigator you will be appointed an experienced case manager who will remain your point of contact throughout. The Case Manager will be able to advise you on the best course of action and will be providing updates during the investigation. Case managers will only contact you at pre-arranged times however you can contact them 24 hours a day.

The Kent Investigator guarantee’s to be the cheapest investigation provider in Kent and fees are always agreed in advance, there are never any hidden charges. A consultation can be carried out over the phone or anywhere you wish and is completely free...

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Bug Sweeping

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